Updating automated documentation

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Note that for now the index.html nwjs starter page is left out of the automatically generated docs.

Updating documentation with Docco

Using docco for documentation inspired by this blog post. In conjunction with json doc.

install docco globally

npm install docco -g

to re-generate documentation run from root of app

npm run docco

this puts documentation in /docs/docco_docs folder.

Docco config

The setup for this is done in package.json scripts where the folders/files to consider for documentations and destination folder(-o) are specified.

"docco": "docco -o ./docs/docco_docs --title 'autoEdit 2 Documentation' ./*.js ./frontEnd/*.js ./frontEnd/date_now/*.js ./frontEnd/edl_composer/*.js ./frontEnd/srt/*.js ./frontEnd/js/*.js ./frontEnd/js/models/*.js ./frontEnd/js/views/*.js ./frontEnd/js/collections/*.js ./interactive_transcription_generator/*.js ./interactive_transcription_generator/**/*.js",

Updating documentation with JSDoc

see here for jsodc tags to use when writing code comments.

To get up and running with updating the documentation install jsdoc locally

npm install jsdoc -save

Edit config file as explain in blog post{:target="_blank"}

This is because you need to edit the config file in the module at ./node_modules/jsdoc/config.json. And this part of the information is at usejsdoc.org.

to re-generate documentation run from root of app

npm run jsdoc

Jsdoc config

This executes the script in package.json, and places the documentation inside of /docs/jsdoc_docs.

   "jsdoc": "./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc *.js  -c ./docs/jdocs_conf/conf.json"

See /docs/jdocs_conf/conf.json for the config options,that specify which files to include, exclude etc..

Updating developer's tutorial

To add or update a tutorial in the developer documentation tutorials, go to /docs/_posts/tutorial where you can find the markdown files.

Jsdoc allows to link to tutorial in documentation. In this project this is used for topics that might deserve a standalone explanation such as the one on the EDL format.

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