Travis CI continuous build

current travis setup

There is no deployment as such as it's electron app, so the build described above serves as a packaging of the app for release.

However As of version 1.0.8 support is added for Linux thanks to @probonopd, #36. On commit to master there is a continuous built setup on Travis CI that builds and adds an up to date linux and mac os x release to the release section under release section.

Inspired by this issue In the latest iteration it use electron-builder -mwl --publish alwayson Travis CI Mac OSX instance to package for these platforms,

This is an attempt to capture some notes on the steps of setting up travis CI integration in the current implementation

github + Travis CI

Travis CI Integration

1 - enable Travis CI for your repository as described here

2 - Set up GITHUB_TOKEN in Travis CI for this to work. as described here

(Direct link to Github token here)

Add a .travis.yml file to your repository

os: osx
osx_image: xcode9.4
language: node_js
node_js: "8"
sudo: required

    - ELECTRON_CACHE=$HOME/.cache/electron
    - ELECTRON_BUILDER_CACHE=$HOME/.cache/electron-builder

# specifying npm version as
# by default travis seemed to sue 4.2.0

  - node --version
  - npm i -g npm@5
  - npm --version
  - npm install
  - npm run make_js

  - npm run build:mwl:publish:always;
  - ls ./dist;
  - find . | grep;
  - find . | grep x86_64.AppImage;
  - find . | grep .exe;

    - # Do not build tags that we create when we upload to GitHub Releases
    - /^(?i:continuous)/


added to the the npm scripts

"scripts": {
    "build:mwl:publish:always": "electron-builder -mwl --publish always",
"build": {
    "publish": {
      "provider": "github",
      "releaseType": "prerelease",
      "vPrefixedTagName": false

Electron builder documentation

more on electron builder here

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