Paper-editing Roadmap

Current roadmap

  1. Transcriber

    1. Video/Audio → plain text

    2. Video/Audio → Text + Timecodes

  2. Papercuts

    1. Highlights + EDL export

    2. Annotations ← TODO

    3. Search and filter ← TODO

    4. Speaker names ← TODO

    5. Projects ← TODO

  3. Paper-edit ← current version

    1. Paper-edit view

    2. Outline

    3. Video preview ← beta

In v1.0.6 leaped from papercuts to paper-edit, skipping, annotations, search/filter, speaker diarization and organizations into projects. As paper-editing function took priority as core function compared to the others.

v1.0.5 which only featured upt to papercuts, Higlights + EDL export, is described in this aritlce.

Next version 1.0.7 will see adding features such as the possibility to annotate selections, search and filter the transcriptions. Ability to add speaker names. And group transcriptions by projects.

See main sections of documentation for more details on each stage of this roadmap.

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