QA Export

Item to test #9: export


  • Click on export button.

  • Click on?.

  • Click on each export option button.

Expected Results:

  • Clicking export shows export menu modal.

  • In export menu, see export options with text description.

  • ? takes you to appropriate section in guide manual help page.

  • Each export options produces a valid file.

Item to test #10: EDL file


Expected Results:

  • EDL worth checking in premiere. (possibly fcp 7 and avid too)

  • Expecting slightly different result wheather EDL Comes from Transcription or from Paperedit.

Note: For EDL testing, its worth uploading a video file "from web" as well as a video file from camcorder, e.g. with and without metadata info associated with camera timecode offset and metadata reel/card name. This makes slightly different EDLs. Also worth trying with PAL and NTSC footage.

Testing in one video editing software is fine. But ideally we'd like to test in the 3 major.

  • FCP7

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Avide Media Composer

  • Davinci resolve (Free verison)

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