QA Transcriptions

Item to test #2: Adding transcription


  • Click “new” in nav bar.

  • Add transcription details.

Expected Results:

  • After adding transcription details, you are sent to transcription list. See transcription with name and description.

  • After saving transcription, new links in list disabled. See spinning wheel symbol next to title for about 5 min processing time.

  • After 5 min from saving transcription, disabled links to become available.

Item to test #3: Deleting a transcription


  • Click red delete button in transcription list.

Expected Results:

  • Clicking delete for that transcription removes it from the list.

  • After clicking new, list should be consistent with the previously deleted transcription.

Item to test #4: Show transcription


  • Click on transcription (anywhere but the delete button).

    Expected Results:

  • You are taken to a transcription show page.

Known issue: When video is done processing, it does not self-update the preview if on show page. You need to go back to list and then back to show to get an updated video preview.

Item to test #5: Show transcription - playback


  • Click on word in transcription.

Expected Results:

  • In highlight mode, default, you click on word and are taken to corresponding part of the video. Video starts playing.

Item to test #6: Show transcription - text position indication


  • Click on video player play button or click on text of transcription.

Expected Results:

  • While video is playing, text changes color (grey to black up to current point) to signal corresponding part.

Known bug: If you start playing video from the video player it does not do text color change. If you start the video by clicking on a word, then it works.

Item to test #7: Show transcription - highlighting


  • Highlight transcription text with mouse (push click, hold, then release).

Expected Results:

  • You should be able to select text and have the blue highlight underline appear under the text.

  • You should be able to unselect text by highlighting the previous selection.

Known behavior: When selecting both previously selected and not, it inverts selection. The desired behaviour is to remove selection.

Item to test #8: Show transcription - Edit text


  • Click on Edit mode in transcription show page

  • Click on a word

  • Edit the text

  • Click on tab to move to next word.

Expected Results:

  • Expect clicked word to auto select word, and make word text editable

  • Expect editing of words to auto save. To test this navigate out of transcription show page and back in, changes should have persisted.

see QA Export section to complete

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