Read metadata

Component/part description

Read metadata info from input video or audio file, minimum required.

  • Card name (known as reel name)

  • Timecode offset

  • File name

Altho card name seems to be optional in Adobe Premiere.

This info is then added to the transcription json in autoEdit.

This info is used when making an EDL, as timecode offset, clip and card name are used to reconnect the video sequence in the video editing software of choice.

See EDL format in appendix, as well as EDL composer module


Implementations Options considered


Current implementation

Uses ffprobe, through fluent-ffmpeg.

Example of output in autoEdit transcription json of metadata info.

"metadata": {
        "filePathName": "/Users/pietropassarelli/Downloads/Jesselyn Radack-Mobile.mp4",
        "fileName": "Jesselyn Radack-Mobile.mp4",
        "date": "2016-02-29 12:52:17",
        "reelName": "NA",
        "timecode": "NA",
        "fps": "1/50",
        "duration": 1618.16

see metadata reader component for more info

What needs refactoring

Need more clarity on how to getfps in ffprobe, what is r_frame_rate and why sometime it can be equal to 0/0. Once figured that out, can refactor appropriately.

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