Component/part description

This is the module responsible for generating the transcription, generally using a third party service or API such as IBM Watson one.

It is composed of 2 main components

  • Audio converter Convert audio or video to audio specs for stt API

  • STT sdk audio to STT API/Service, to receive time-coded transcription.

With Extra:

  • Speaker diarization can either happen at the STT API level or as a separate module to be interpolated with the transcription.

And optional:

  • Srt parsing. Allow srt as input. In case transcription comes from elsewhere. Can use module srtParserComposer to refactor

  • Plain text as input, if you already have the transcription, use something like Gentle to re-align and generate transcription json.

It was Initially prototyped as a standalone app to test quality of speech to text. see Transcriber.

Implementations Options considered


Current implementation

See component

What needs refactoring

Perhaps look into compositor pattern to bring together the components of this module.

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