Annotated bibliography

Some sources and resources to explore this further.
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Michael Tierno , Artistotele's Poetics for screenwriters

I recommend to read Tierno before reading McKee. For a more gentle introduction, and to better understand McKee.
However there ideas from Aristotele that McKee revisits and takes further such as that of the action idea which is later referred to as inciting incident. These have settle differences that nonetheless become significant when used in the story crafting context.

Robert McKee Story book

Jack Hart, Story Craft

Howe McCkee's concepts apply to factual stories.

Rabinger, developing story ideas

Relevant to the idea generation stage of the production process, explore a few techniques for coming up and shaping ideas, covers both fiction and documentary.

Sheila Curran Bernard, Documentary storytelling

Illustrated comic exploring the radio production process at This American Life.
This american life radio

NFBC Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

Doc film by National Film Board of Canada, interviewing established documentary film-makers about their craft.

Peter Wintonick, Cinéma vérité: Defining the Moment (National Film Board, 1999).

Another production by the NFBC, exploring early pioneers of Cinema Verite.
Cinéma vérité dvd cover

McKee book on Dialogue

To learn about dialogue in fiction, and think about this can be used in paper-editing, at the stage where we add the text selections to the story, as explored in previous section on paper-edit and story concepts.

Writing, Directing and Producing Documentary Films and Videos.

To learn about pitching and treatment writing.