If this is your first time using the tool go ahead and setup the STT API system first.

1. Adding a video/audio

  1. Click on new

  2. Choose the media you want to open, audio or video.

  3. Fill in title and description

  4. Chose Speech To Text (STT) system you want to use (IBM American English is the default)

  5. Save Transcription

For a list of supported media file type see ffmpeg(which is what has been used for the file conversion under the hood)

If you stick with the IBM default, the transcription will take around 5 minutes process regardless of the length of the media.


2. Selecting text from a transcription

If you click on a word, the video starts playing from that point. Make a selections of text you’d like to include in your video sequence.

3. Exporting a video sequence(EDL)

Export an EDL, which is an Edit decision list.

You can export a video sequence of selection as they appear chronologically in the video.

Other export options

There are other export options such as plain text or timecode text, as well as srt captions.

Note on Paper-editing

If you want to work with more elaborate selections pulling from multiple transcriptions, deciding the order to craft it into a story script check out the paper-editing section.

4. Reconnect in video editing software of choice

Checkout this section on how to open an EDL in a video editing software of choice to get a video sequence of your selections.


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