Generating captions
The key idea is to use an optional pre-segmentation review step. To make it easier to adjust the captions segmentation before generating the file.
1.Add text file and audio file (select the text file, don't copy and paste for now)
2.Click segment text button
Segment text
3.Review text segments. You can readjust the segmentation by editing the text in free form.
4.Optional - If useful, you can select some text and get character count.
Eg if you want to check a line is still within eg 37 character limit while adjusting the text and line breaks.
Review line segments lengths
5.When done click create subtitles
6.Subtitle file will be on your desktop, and you can import that in premiere. To use as caption track.
7.Optional, If need you can repeat from step 3 to review and adjust the segments and re generate an srt caption file to add to premiere.
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