Download the latest stable release from the releases page. Check out the release description to see what has changed from the previous version.
  • download the dmg file
  • open it/mount it on your mac/finder
  • drag the app into the applications folder
    • First time you open it, right click on the app and click open, to avoid the unidentified developer error message. From then on, you can double click.
  • add it to the dock if you want a shortcut to it.
For the app to work, you have to install a third party open source dependency called Aeneas, see below.

Extra dependency: Aeneas

Aeneas is an open source tool that is used by this app under the hood to do the alignment.
In order to use the app you need to install Aeneas on your computer.
Aeneas in app link
At a very high level under the hood Aeneas converts the text of the provided transcription into speech (TTS) and compares the waveform with the one of the original media (audio or video) to do the alignment.