Create a new transcription

Make sure you have gone through the initial setup. Chose a Speech To Text engine to use for your transcription. And added API credentials where appropriate as part of the initial setup.

After creating a project click on New Transcript

You don't need to convert your media before adding it to the app.

How does this work? The app will read the metadata of the original rushes (no matter how big the file) and convert it to an audio and video preview. The audio is used to send to the Speech To Text Engine to get a transcription. The video is a lower resolution proxy used by the app to generate previews. When exporting a sequence (eg a paper-edit/programme script as EDL, XML etc... for a video editing software) the app will use the original source metadata to reconnect to the high resolution rushes.

Choose a video or audio file and click save.

If you get an error when create a new transcription, feel free to take a screenshot of the error message and raise an issue. See here for more detail on how to do that.

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