Advanced - working with existing transcripts

This is generally discouraged, but making a note in case anyone has a use case where they already have an accurate transcription they'd want to use with the app.

At the moment the main workflow assumes you don't have transcriptions, and that you are using the app to generate those as well as to correct them if needed.

However there is an advanced workaround to add existing transcriptions if you have those. Eg when working off scripted material that is read out loud by a presenter or etc..

  1. Create a transcription with your media

    1. (this assumes you have created a project already)

  2. Once the automated STT from DeepSpeech or pocketsphinx as completed go in the view where you'd go to correct the transcript

  3. Select all of the text of the transcript, delete it and replace it with the text of the transcript you already have.

  4. Then click the alignment button 🔄 and the app will re-align the text you provided with timecodes.

For this workaround to succeed you'd need to paste the text without speakers or time-codes informations. (Possibly from a plain text file with not a lot of formatting)

6. You should then add speaker labels, and review the paragraph breaks 🤞

Note that If there's enough of a need, and use case, we could consider adding a feature to do this with fewer steps.

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