Work in progress. It is still experimental, and at the moment it's recommended to use the desktop app and it's EDL export option to work with Premiere.

Advanced/Experimental - Note that the desktop app and the Premiere Pro Panel share the same database on the user's machine, so you could do the paper-editing on the desktop app, then close it when done, and open premiere and the adobe panel for exporting the programme script into a sequence. 🤞🧪

To get all the features fulling working you need to have Adobe Premiere version 12.1 or greater.

Download latest release and Install using a third party package manager - Anastasiy

Download the .zxp file from the autoEdit releases

  1. Follow the link to download the latest releases

  2. Choose the latest

  3. And under assets download the zxp file

Download and open with Anastasiy’s Extension Manager

You can use this third party package manager to handle the installation.

Open Anastasiy’s Extension Manager or your chosen Extension Install Utility. If you don’t have it on your computer, below are download links for alternative utilities. Once downloaded and installed, use an extension install utility to install your .zxp files.

Download Anastasiy’s Extension Manager

After selecting either the Mac or Windows version of your chosen Extension Install Utility, download it to your computer and follow the installation instructions from the installer, which should be in your Downloads folder.

Install your extension from Adobe Exchange by selecting File > Install extension or following the instructions within the install utility and selecting the extension from within your computer’s Downloads folder.


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