Export options

After having created a transcription and (optional) corrected the text you can click on the export icon on the top right to see a list of export options

Main export options

  • Text file with optional speakers and time-codes*

  • Ms Word, docx

*There's an option for the text file with speakers and time-codes to be in the format that is compatible with atlas ti if you need to import the transcript there for further analyses.

Advanced options

  • Srt - Captions

  • TTML - Captions

  • TTML for Adobe Premiere - Captions

  • iTT - Captions

  • CSV - Captions

  • VTT - Captions

  • Pre-segmented text - Captions

Developer options

  • Json - Captions

  • SlateJS - Json

  • Digital Paper Edit - Json

If you need to export captions with a certain level of precision in the formatting of the lines. I'd recommend exporting plain text without speakers and time-codes and using this other app instead, subtitles composer (mac only) to do the pre-segmentation, alignment and generate the caption file.

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