Adobe Premiere using EDL with Multi cam sequence

Adobe Premiere using an EDL with a Multi cam sequence

  1. Open the EDL sequence

  2. Select all the clips in the timeline

  3. Locate your master sequence in the timeline, and select it

  4. On a Mac, hold Shift + option key down (shift alt on a PC) then click hold and drag the master sequence over a clip in the EDL timeline and release the mouse.

  5. The clips in the EDL sequence should now be replaced with the clips from the master sequence, retaining the end points and duration for each clip from the EDL.

  6. To switch between camera angle, right click the clip, choose 'multi-camera' and select the camera.

  7. Optional, to remove gaps in the timeline, go to Sequence -> close gap

Video overview from rev, starting at 1.45min of this vidoe

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