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Add text from a transcript

as of version 1.0.6 the programme script auto saves, and save button as been removed.
There are 3 way to select from a transcript and copy it across to the programme script

1. Using the "+ Selection" button

  1. 1.
    select text in transcript
  2. 2.
    click "+ Selection" button
  3. 3.
    The text selection will be added above the orange insert point
Select text

2. "Copy / paste"

You can select text in a transcript, and use the contextual menu in the programme script to paste the selection.

3. Advanced - select + auto "copy/paste"

There is an advanced option to select text in a transcript and have it "auto copy /paste" in the programme script at the position of the orange insert point. To enable this click the check box next to "+ Selection" button.
advanced "copy/paste"
This feature is for advanced users for a faster workflow.