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Current db setup

has option to use
NW.js/Electron friendly - JS-only backend is level-js or Medea
initially tried level-js
level.js an implementation of the leveldown API on top of IndexedDB (which is in turn implemented on top of LevelDB, which brings this whole shebang full circle)
LevelDOWN was extracted from LevelUP and now serves as a stand-alone binding for LevelDB.
However indexDb has a 50mb total file size restriction. This might seem ok at first, but some transcriptions can reach 5mb in size in their json representation. So this would not scale if you add n number of transcription.
Decided to move to medea instead.
the way to set up medea is to use medeadown. as described in this issue
medeadown is a leveldown-compatible interface to medea
this required installing medeadown separatly
npm install medeadown -save
and changing the LinvoDB data store to it. = { db: require("medeadown") };
as well as setting up the dbPath
LinvoDB.dbPath = window.config.dataPath;
In this case using App.dataPath require('nw.gui').App.dataPath eg "/Users/pietropassarelli/Library/Application Support/autoEdit2"
and the db would be stored in the folder
/Users/pietropassarelli/Library/Application Support/autoEdit2/transcription.db