previous travis setup
Previous travis setup, kept for record
There is no deployment as such as it's electron app, so the build described above serves as a packaging of the app for release.
However As of version 1.0.8 support is added for Linux thanks to @probonopd, #36. On commit to master there is a continuous built setup on Travis CI that builds and adds an up to date linux and mac os x release to the release section under release section.
Continuous integration service for
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Windows
More info on the implementation of this setup see the info in the PR and .travis.yml
autoEdit_2/.travis.yml at master · OpenNewsLabs/autoEdit_2
This is an attempt to capture some notes on the steps of setting up travis CI integration.

github + Travis CI

Travis CI Integration

1 - enable Travis CI for your repository as described here
2 - Set up GITHUB_TOKEN in Travis CI for this to work. as described here
(Direct link to Github token here)

Add a .travis.yml file to your repository


To add linux see example
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github + Travis CI
Travis CI Integration