search at sentence level.Hilight words that match a search string eg

  • ✅ Highlight all instances of a word in a text,

  • 𐄂 preferably with slight fuzziness so misspellings and close words are counted (i.e. questions matches with question too)

  • 𐄂 Search for a word or phrase and filter only the sections that contain those words or phrases, preferrably fuzzy

𐄂 filter

𐄂 filter and return only matches in transcription

Improve readability in transcription (for speechmatics)

  • speechmatics breaking words into lines for formatting for readability

  • as well as break paragraphs into different speakers speechmatics json

autoEdit converting speechmatics to autoEdit

𐄂 improved paper edit view selection


  • in autoEdit

  • Paper editing by

  • click in word

  • click out word

  • confirm

  • moves to paper-edit function

Out of scope for this version